Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kentucky #2: Climbing! (And Rain!)

Today was my first climbing day in KY. And it rained again. Alot. I was beginning to worry that we were going to get rained out again. Since climbing was looking like a non-option we decided to go hike around and look at some of the crags that haven't been developed yet. It seems every little canyon or drainage here has some cliffs with potential for climbing.

When we got to one of the developed areas, it was raining but the cliffs were so steep that the routes stayed dry. So we climbed a couple of them. Both were really good. K&A have a really cool home area for climbing. We later got on a recently bolted 11d/12aish that was stellar. I've forgotten how fun this sport is and it felt really nice to get out and try something hard. Maybe that isn't hard for many folks, but it is good for me right now in my life. Of course we finished off the day with a brisk swim in the lake (no wetsuit this time) to cool down and relax.

Tomorrow we're going to the Red River Gorge to the Torrent Falls area. It should be really good. Come rain or shine, I'm getting my pump on.

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Jeff said...

Bro, I love your blog. Wish I were there with you guys.