Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Powderkeg Recap


I don't know what it is with the Powderkeg. In 2010 I could barely walk due to a bad ski crash a couple weeks before the race. I did the rec division on heavy gear. In 2011 I had race gear, but also had bronchitis. A heavy, productive cough at altitude saw me to a miserable day out on the course. In 2012, I was hopeful that it would all come together for me. I felt encouraged by my fitness from the citizen series races. Work was starting to get busy for me (CPA--I know, the worst job ever for a skier). I've had a lingering cold since the beginning of March, but no big deal right? Wrong. Train wreck!

 Right from the le mans start I knew it was going to be a long day. I had no energy and just felt drained even on the first climb. While doing long events like White Rim in a day etc. it's not uncommon for me to have "dark moments" when everything seems dire. Then something happens like a bend in the road providing a good vista, seeing some columbines in bloom, hearing birdsong, or some other trigger that will make it fun again. The 2012 Powderkeg was one big dark moment. I wanted to drop out so bad but eventually I kinda stopped racing and just tried to finish. It is such a shame too because it was such a beautiful day, but I just couldn't get the negative chatter of "I'm hurting so bad" and "Dude, just drop out" out of my head all day. Grrr.

Chad put on a great event that was well attended, had great volunteers, and reserved some beautiful weather for the race. Really, one of the best events I've participated in. The sprint race afterwards was really fun too with 6 teams of 6 racers completing a lap consisting of a short skinner, a booter, short skinner, then ski through some gates back down to the start.

Dissapointed, but finally finished.

Lining up for the spring. Somehow I had to race against the A team.

Finishing the sprint race.

Jeffy in the sprint race.
In the couple of days since the race I realized that the Pkeg didn't reflect my overall ability or fitness--I'm capable of a lot more. Physically and mentally, I had a terrible day. Next year I'm using Purell and I'm going to stop shaking hands in February.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Citizen Series/Mueller Park pipeline

The last citizen series race of the year was Thurs. 3/1. As usual, it was awesome. This really has been a fun series. I'm going to miss not having Thursday night skimo the rest of the winter. 

Hi Jon!

Andy, you're the man.

Directions. Wait, where does it go?

Courtney kicked my butt all winter. He was always just a little faster than me and is a great skier too.

Jeff just after his yardsale to finish the race.

Team exchange.

Mueller Park Reconnaisance

We were short on time Saturday because of family commitments, but still wanted to get out and have a little adventure. The plan was to hike up the pipeline scar that Kern River made this summer in Mueller Park. We made it most of the way up before we had to turn around. 

The scar ranged from mostly flat to 30ish degrees to flatish and went for a long way. There was enough coverage to have some fun turns. I think that scar will provide access to some great options up on the ridge. Gotta get up there again.

(Jeff Caldwell collection)

(Jeff Caldwell collection)

(Jeff Caldwell collection)