Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Post

Well, I think it is time. I no longer want to subject Jami's everyone to my periodic posts that most people don't care about. I've been terrible at taking pictures historically, and I think having this will help motivate me to take more pics as I'm out. Anyways, here goes nothing.

This year I've been out on a few ski tours in the nearby mountains. James and I went up to Das Pfiefferhorn in LCC last saturday. Visability-wise, it is probably the best day I've had skiing ever. It was in the 50's with zero wind. It made the skiing less than perfect being so warm, but it was fun to be out. I picked up James in SLC at 5:30 and we were hiking by 6:15. It's fun being the first people on the trail. It had been about 5 days since the last good snow, so there was a good skin track in most of the way. We decided not to summit the Pfeiff for time reasons (Homework is no fun--it always hangs over me) but had a great time nonetheless.

Following the well packed trail down low.

View of LCC with the morning sun just starting to come into the valley.

Early morning sunshine.

Me with morning sun just starting to touch the mountain tops. My headlamp is still on for some reason.

James doing the same pose.

Almost to the lake.

Our first view of Das Pfeiff.

James on the way up with White Baldy in the background.

It was a busy day. Before we came down, there were 11 people on their way up on the skinner that James and I put in that morning.

My track is the squirly one not making perfect S turns. S turns remind me of classic bad ski movie "Aspen Extreme." We started down where that little red glint of sun is on the ridgeline.