Monday, May 9, 2011

5/7 Tour

I really wanted to go with my friend Greg to King's Peak, but I needed to till the garden and do a bunch of chores that I've been neglecting the past couple of months from skiing, work, and studying for that one test. I had one chore that I was especially looking forward to doing.

Last winter I never did make it up to do the traverse from Chinscraper to Francis Peak, so I decided to do it Saturday. I set my alarm for 4a and woke up at 2:50. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I finally rolled out of bed at 10 after 3 and decided to go get it done.

I was back home before noon and had plenty of time to do the other chores I needed to do.

The old Red Rocks guide used movie ratings for scary/bad pro (PG, R or X) and a thumbs up by the route name if it was a good route. I think the Northern Davis travers is definitely PG with a thumbs up. There was nothing technical to speak of, although skiing the south face of Thurston was a little thrilling with that "don't blow it!" feeling because of the firm snow/ice.

The worst part of the tour was Bair Canyon for sure. the snow was now breakable thanks to the sun and I had to do a bushwack that only a moose or an elk can appreciate to find the summer trail. It made me think (temporarily) that I might be done for the year.

Totals were approximately 13 miles and about 9k total vert.

4 a.m. from the fernwood parking lot.

5 a.m. from the great western trail.

6a. I switched to ski boots and skis somewhere just after 5a.

Just before sunrise now.

I saw the sun on the ridge for a minute before it dissapeared behind the clouds. It was a cool sunrise that I had to enjoy alone.

Sun just touching the tops to the central Wasatch and Uintas.

Thurston Peak marker for the highest point in Davis/Morgan counties.

Some of the bowls I went across had some pretty fun skiing along the way but nothing is close to 10,000 so the snow was pretty much garbage.