Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jackson guys trip (with my wife too)

Sometime in late November we put a trip to Jackson on the calendar with me, my three brothers, and my dad. The plan was to stay and ski for a couple days and hang out. Well, as the time got closer, some people couldn't make it, so Jami came instead. I've skied at Jackson 2x previously, both for the Jackson Rando Race.

I was super impressed by that mountain and how steep it is! I loved it-That would be a really great home mountain to have. Friday was pretty bluebird. I don't really have alpine skis anymore, so I was on a bluehouse ski with dynafits. A couple of the holes had been reused from a previous mount. Anyway, I was skiing some moguls and crashed. I think what happened is the toepiece ripped out and I tipped. I looked down and the toepiece was still fixed in my boots! I had an interested ski the rest of the way down and had to swap skis for a snowboard for the rest of the trip.

With all of my ski focus being on touring the last couple years, it was fun to ride lifts, chill, hand out with my old lady and goof off with my kid brother.

Jeff is a pretty rad skier. Like Bode.

My Dad still gets after it in his late 60s.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flagstaff>Oingo Boingo(Days)>Hallway>Pole Line

Last Saturday (Feb 18) was one of those days you just wish you could bottle and take a little with you for the rest of your life. 

Beautiful Days.


Hallway-upper entrance. We passed and skied in from the lower entrance.

Hallway-Trent Duncan shredding.

Cardiac Ridge had tons of tracks. Is it considered Alta sidecountry?

I took this on my way out. Superior would have been great today.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Ski/BMX

Got out the other day with Greg and my brother Boog. I love the Wasatch. 

Nice day to be out!

Per the avalanche forecast, we stayed off of anything smooth, white and steep. Really tempting to look at a nice untracked slope like that. Patience is the name of the game right now.

Boot top pow! Dr. Boog throwing some low angle dust around.
After skiing I hadn't had enough fun, so I went and raced BMX bikes with my friend Logan. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wasatch Citizen Race Series (#6)

Race #6 was a relay race at Brighton consisting of 4 laps (2 per person) of a short effort maybe 6-10 minutes each lap. Teams were comprised on a person on race gear and a person on heavy gear. Courtney and I were joking about yelling “GO!” before everyone was ready to try and get in front of Drs. Dorais and others. It caught them off guard but didn’t take long for them to get in front of us anyway. Well played Courtney! My smile disappeared quickly as the pace was fast from the get go and the heavy breathing and suffering started. The course had maybe 200 meters of cat track, then some kick turns up to the first downhill transition. I made it to the first transition before Andy, Jason and Tom left (20 seconds?), so good for me! That hasn’t happened yet this year—those guys are usually well ahead of me. A quick ski down led to a short booter and skin track up to the same downhill transition area. Without the warm up I think I went a little too deep on the first lap and felt a little dizzy for a few minutes after finishing my first lap. Dizzy enough to have to sit down. Weird. My teammate Trent Duncan killed it on the heavy metal gear and kept us in a good position. I backed it off the gas a little bit for the second lap, got passed by Tom towards the top of the second lap and was glad to be done when it was over. Our team finished third. 

Everyone convened at Molly’s afterwards for nachos, beverages, and pie awards by our troop leader Andy.

I was hurting on the booter!  (picture from