Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye Old Man Winter

(DISCLAIMER: All of these photos were taken with my low-pixel phone.)

Today's high temperature was near 80, so what a good morning for a ski, no? I haven't skied Alta more than a handful of times in my life, so I don't know/remember the mountain very well, but one thing I do remember is the Main Baldy Chute. It comes of the top of Mt. Baldy and is a very striking and classic line viewed from the chairlifts. Anyways, to finish off my maiden ski touring season, I decided to wake up early and go ski Main Baldy. I was amazed at the snow cover still at Alta. There must still be 5 feet of snow! I guess we had a really good snow year. I was able to skin a bit, and then booted the rest of the way to the top. It was great just to be out.

No action shots today as I was solo, but the views were nice. On the drive to LCC, there was a great view of the crescent Moon and Venus right above the mountains. Venus is the brightest object in the night sky other than the Moon, so the see them both next to each other was pretty cool. (I'm a nerd)Once the sun started coming out, the star show was over and it was time to keep hiking.

SLC from my perch this morning.

What all the work was for - Main Baldy entrance.

I had to work today, so I needed an early start and the snow was just starting to corn up by the time I made the summit at 8 am. The snow wasn't great. In fact, it was probably the crappiest snow I've ever skied. The snow in the chute was best-it had been baking for a couple of hours by the time I skied down and was buttery smooth in some sections and chattery ice in others. The rest of the run was pretty much the worst skiing ever over refrozen snowmobile tracks, debris, and uneven, impossible-to-turn-in ice. Goodbye ski season. Until next year...

Bottom looking up.

Stats for today:

Vertical: 2,700 up and down
People on mountain - 0
Sweet Biffs - 0
Blisters - 1
# of lost poles I saw under the lifts: 4

Some leftovers from our summer-even-though-it's-not-summer vacation:

We saw some wierd stuff on our way home from KY.

T with Ice Cream from Ott's General Store.

The twins had some too.

I'm glad this isn't one of my hobbies. Saw this guy at the kiddie playground. What do you think he found, binkies?


Jami said...

The view looks amazing. I'm glad you didn't fall and for once I'm glad I didn't go with you. I would have fallen and broken something for sure.

Andrea said...

Skiing around Memorial Day weekend. Way to stretch out the season!