Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memorial Day Pow 5/31

Today is 7/20 and I haven't skied since memorial day. I guess I've kind of been ready to don some running shorts and work on my tan. Besides, I don't own whippets, ice tools or crampons, so it makes many of the springtime ski objectives harder to do. I digress. With the bumper snow year, it was cold enough and coverage was good enough to ski on memorial day. I wanted to ski the memorial couloirs on Olympus, but Greg won out with Red Baldy. So, we headed up white pine in LCC to the top of red pine.

We made a quick run off the ridge white pine shares w/ Snowbird, then hoofed it up to the top of Red Baldy. We tried not to wake the white yeti, but the snow was pretty stable and good. So, we enjoyed face shot powder turns all the way back down the face of red baldy.