Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To celebrate 7 fantastic years on Feb. 12, Jami and I rented the Steam Mill Yurt in Logan. With the Days and the Mays, we had a blast! I wanted to try and get 10k vertical while we were there but only ended nowhere near that. All well.

Have to say that I'm luck to have Jami. With 7 moves and 7 kids it's been a wild ride and we've made some great memories together. I hope there is 70 more.

Wifey pushing around some low angle goodness.

KDay showed me how a real man skis-with style.

Up track.

Slednecks. Saw about 100 of these guys.

Nate's blister prevention kit did the trick.

Heavy pack.


Had a great time!

Kevin has more photos here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Nate also had a couple of choice nuggets to say during the tour.

Quote of the day:

"I'm not gonna lie--cyclists are gay."

Quote #2 while looking at the view of Ogden from BL:

"Getting suspended is a blessing in disguise."

Ben Lomond

Nate and I skied Ben Lomond. The view alone was worth the hike. About 5,500 feet of climbing I estimate and some of the best turns of the year for me. Nate and I saw 0 people once we left North Fork Park. You just don't get that in the Cottonwoods.

Our reward.

Taking it in.

I loves me a good skin track. Lap #2.

Huckster Nate 1 second before liftoff. (Sorry I missed it Nate!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bountiful Peak (again)

I finally convinced my younger brother Boog to come out on a ski tour last Saturday. The crazy snowpack this year has forced us to meadow skip this winter. We would have ventured into the steep stuff, but noone had brought an avalanche helmet.

At the beginning of the winter I had Lone Peak, Coalpit, Lisa Falls, and Kessler on my list of objectives. Lisa Falls Couloir is probably the only one that is safe right now (has anyone skied it yet this winter?), but with the thin snowpack, might not go right now.

Anyways, Boog (Jeff), Greg (Boog's med-school buddy), Nate and I went up Farmington (again) to ski. I have to admit, I sorta hate the long flat skin to the goods, but we only saw 2 other skiers and they were leaving right as we got there so it is kinda worth it. There must only be a few of us who ski up there. We had an interesting assortment of ski rigs. Greg had F1's, Trabs & dynafits, Boog had some Head alpine boots, my loaner pocket rockets/naxos & I was somewhere in the middle with my bluehouse/dynafit/megaride combo. Nate had basically the same setup as Jeff.

We gained the ridge, let the wind nearly blow us over, and made some great turns down through some trees. We made a few laps through the trees, skied one last run off of our parking lot ridge--we should probably give it a name or something--and had to leave so Nate could go on a date. I hope she was a hotty Nate! By the end of the day, we were all in various stages of bonking, so it was time to end it anyway. There are some rad looking chutes off the summit of Bountiful Peak that will have to wait another day.

I'm trying to get some ski time in my legs to do the CROWBAR, powderkeg & maybe Jackson Hole next month. We'll see--not sure how much I want to commit to on my heavies. Wish I had the coin for some rando race skis & boots right now, but maybe next year. Can I get a sponsor? Please? We'll see.

One more Tami Knight cartoon: