Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12/18/2013--First Proper Tour of the Year

Today was my first "proper" tour, meaning I skied something not at a resort. The snow coverage here hasn't been great, and furthermore, the snow has been fairly sketchy, so I've done lots of resort walking so far with nothing really to speak of. That changed today when I met Andy, Teague and Josh for a run up Red Baldy. The plan was to take pow skis. Teague and Josh apparently don't own any and both showed up with Alien boots and 170cm skinny skis. It was a super fun day and left me wanting more. Normally I couldn't hold Andy or Teague's jockstraps but the pace was pretty mellow all day--I think the citizen series race made them tired.

We wanted to ascend the run to assess. Teague and Andy.

Splitter day! I've wanted to ski the Lake Peak couloir many times. Hopefully I will soon.

The snow got firm and sparse near the top so we switched to booting. SLC valley somewhere under the soup in the background.

A Wasatch Sasquatch sighting! (Teague Holmes collection)

What, who doesn't wear their wife's glasses? (Teague Holmes collection)

Me descending. (Teague Holmes collection). I believe this couloir is Rock n' Roll.


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