Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ibapah Peak

A new blog post? Partially writing this to assist anyone that wants to go ski out there.

Skiing Ibapah Peak in the Deep Creek Range, West Desert Utah. We picked a day to go do it in April, during a nice weather weekend and after a recent storm--we thought we'd be able to ski to and from the car. Ha ha!  It is a bit of a drive from SLC. We left really early and got back in the evening, so it was a day trip, but a long one. We parked the car in Granite Creek Canyon, walked for an hour to get to consistent snow, then skinned for a couple more to make the summit. The view at the top was tremendous. A really really neat day on a peak that sees very little wintertime action.

Finally on snow and still a long way to go! Ian in front of Ibapah Peak.
My fingers and the run that we skied off the top. At this point we were still on the approach.
Ian skiing near the summit with the beautiful Red Top Mountain on the other side of Granite Creek Canyon.

My glove and Jon Middlemiss.

I think this is me. The skiing off the top was crusty, but soon turned into 2 feet of spring powder. So rad! I'm still bummed that we didn't ski Red Top across the way. Another excuse to drive out there?

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Will said...

Hey, I know the review is from quite some time ago now, but how did your PDGs hold up? I'm thinking of picking up a used pair but I'm nervous about cuff wear at the pivot